From K-12 to K-Employment
Taking "career ready" to the next level.
An education in technology should be as well. Inspired by Steve Wozniak, Woz U Education provides a personalized approach to nurturing an engineering mindset through hands on projects from K-employment so learners can land high-demand tech jobs, create new products, build new businesses and positively impact the world. Our learners dream, design, engineer, test, improve, and create through coding, robotics, drones, 3-D printing, and electronics.
Our Woz U Certified teachers are co-collaborators who know how to nurture students who feel it in themselves to design, invent and engineer. And it all starts in Kindergarten.
The world needs inventors, great ones. Our mission is to help kids be as lucky as Steve. To put the spark in great inventors. Inventors who can change the world.
Like Steve did.
Woz U. Education. Reprogrammed
Inspired by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, Woz U Education provides a personalized approach to integrating Career Pathways from K-Employment so learners can land high-demand tech jobs and start changing the world.
WOZ U is Education. Reprogrammed. Like “Woz’s” vision for the home computer, we specialize in technology and career-based programs designed to get people into the workforce quickly and affordably. Our goal is to educate and tool the masses to fill and retain the multitude of quality tech-based jobs that are currently open and projected to grow in the coming years. This will not only help individuals and families sustain financial stability, it will also help spur innovation and growth in business and government.
Just like Steve did.
We have always emphasized the college ready aspect of our standards, but what about the career ready?
October 12, 2017 marked the official launch of Woz U and Woz U Education: joining forces to create K-Employment pathways for students. These pathways are aligned with employers within each state, insuring adequate available and prepared workers to attract and retain vital corporate interests.

Woz U Education provides STEAM modules aligned with the skills needed for Woz U career development programs. Students engage in meaningful projects authentically related to the hottest job sectors in the country. These Pathways begin in kindergarten and may end with post-secondary certificate completion in the student's chosen career. The Pathways give our learners the chance to experience what work in that field would entail, and dual enrollment becomes available in their junior year if they want to jump start their post-secondary requirements. In Coding, for example, computational thinking begins at the kindergarten level and progresses through the student's junior year. Dual enrollment elective courses are available through Woz U in the junior and senior year, allowing students to complete half of the certificate requirements. Within 12-15 months of completing high school students can be ready for any number of jobs in the coding industry.

And it doesn't stop there. Woz U hosts work days with major employers in each sector, giving them hands on experience with the curriculum and examples of student projects. This business to business relationship means that when your students finish their certification, employers are already lined up to talk to them.

The projects are collaborative and create mutual dependency among learners. They nurture design-based thinking skills which have broad application in the workplace. And the hands-on nature of the lessons insures that students will experience failures, and learn from those failures. The authenticity of the Pathways is generated not only from the content itself, but from the soft skills and experiences that are rated as highly desirable by employers.

All of the modules in Career Pathways include the engineering design and thinking model prevalent in STEM initiatives, so students who choose a different career still benefit from the projects. Experience with these concepts in a hands-on learning environment K-10 creates a pipeline of students well prepared to start the dual enrollment programs if they choose. Career Pathways in Coding, Cyber Security, Social Media, Engineering, and Architecture represent a few examples of the rich projects and experiences Woz U Education brings to schools.

College bound students may also benefit from completion. Completion of the Coding Courses, for example, prepares students for work that can be completed from anywhere. As a result, students can work part time during their college career and graduate with real work experience and limited student loan debt.
Woz U. Education. Reprogrammed
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